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Started playing the piano at the age of four.
While listening to classical music and film music that my family listened to, I found the American music interesting and spent my childhood touching music every day.
Started writing songs in junior high school, and started live performances in high school.
At the same time, he learned to sing classical music.
After graduating from university, engaged in video and music production, own leader unit live activities, composition, arrangement, etc.
Providing a large number of songs for skyperfect TV "EcoMusic" (finished in March 2012).

Since 2006, he has participated in the Funk, Jazz, Black Music band "Lakeside Struttin'Band" as a keyboard player. In addition, as my own experimental unit, I regularly perform "Usuda Miho -COLORS- Live" (2011-), which improvises by collaborating with artists in other fields, imagining the duo and colors of electric bass and songs. There is.
2012 Released the original Usuda Miho 1st album "Representation-" from miu music records.
2021 Started distribution by collaborating video and original songs.

Participated in the Japan performance invitation team of Pat Wright and The Total Experience Gospel Choir, a gospel choir in Seattle, Washington, USA, and contributed to Japan five times. Since 2001, he has visited Seattle regularly to accompany them in their musical and service activities. Speak at the 2018 45th Anniversary Concert and End of Activity Concert (Moore Theater).

June 2017 Music provided and live performance at "Temple Yoga Kinpusenji" sponsored by the All Japan Yoga Federation

● The band project unit "Usuda Miho --COLORS-Live"
Collaboration with musicians, creators and artists on the theme of color every time.
2011.8 1st "Blue" Komaba Todaimae Cafe Ensemble | 2011.10 2nd "Red" Komaba Todaimae Cafe Ensemble | 2011.8 3rd "Yellow to Gold" Komaba Todaimae Cafe Ensemble | Dressing room | August 2015 5th "Black ~ Dynamic Black ~" Shibuya Koen-dori Classics
2021.2 Image promotion video distribution started

"Lakeside Struttin'Band" Funk, Jazz, Black Music Band formed in 2006

"Mandela And Sunshine"
A program that provides narration and live music stories about music that has spread from Africa to the United States and around the world.
2019.2.16 Hamamatsu Zuisho Temple | 2019.9.7 Kamakura Women's Children's Hall | 2020.2.22 Kitazawa Town Hall 12F

"Nostalgic Mirai" sound, video, and modeling installation
2019.12.21 Daikanyama Space K

"CFK (Coco Fuku Kaze)"
A unit that connects Kojiki and Western myths such as Greek mythology with music and stories w / Mutsumi Izutani
2015 Hamamatsu Kamoe Art Center | Asagaya Duomo Arabesca | Nakameguro Rakuya 2016 Create Hamamatsu | Matsumoto Memorial Music Guest House

At the age of 4 Miho Usuda started playing the piano. On one hand, listening to classical music, on the other hand she's gradually attracted to the pop black music. Writing songs took off from her teens. Not only doing solo live with her original songs but also she acquired a classical singing technique. After college she was engaged in writing and performing commercial music such as Skyperfect TV's EcoMusic which was ended in March 2012. Along with those gigs, she formed her own band to keep performing in the Tokyo area In 2006 she joined the funk band called Lakeside Struttin'Band and has kept playing till now. She also has several experimental units such as Dangers which consists of only bass and vocal, the spontaneous and inspirational USUDAMIHO --Colors in which she collaborates with different genre artists and CFK-Coco Fuku Kaze inspired by the Japanese myth called Kojiki and the Greek myth, which weaves the texture of mythical story and music.
She released her 1st album Representation from miumusic records in 2012.
and She had joined a team of bringing Pat Wright and The Experience Gospel Choir over to Japan to perform since 2004.

Regarding USUDAMIHO --Colors events, the theme and the date of the events are below:
Vol. 1 Blue (August, 2011)
Vol. 2 Red (October, 2011)
Vol. 3 Yellow to Gold (August, 2012)
Vol. 4 Green (May, 2014)
Vol. 5 Black --The Dynamic Black (August, 2015)

Besides of taking part in some musical projects

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